AMEXBIO membership


AMEXBIO A.C. It has three classes of members recognized by its Assemblies:
a) Founders: They are those professionals who signed the Constitutive Act of AMEXBIO A.C. in March 2009.
b) Holders: They are those professionals who have training and demonstrable experience in Biosafety and / or Biosecurity issues.
c) Numerary: Are those professionals, technicians or students who wish to develop in activities related to Biosafety and / or Biosecurity.


Digitize all physical documents in PDF, JPG or DOC format and send them preferably in a single email to the address miembros @ Each document must be less than 3 megabytes and clearly legible. Those documents that do not meet these characteristics will be rejected.

Annual payments are published on January each year in the page:


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