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ANNEX 1 | Instructions for the electronic submission of the abstract


Text in abstract
A. Use conventional characters of the Spanish language. Please do not use superscripts, subscripts, or symbology. Greek letters must be written by name (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.).

b. In this space you must include the COMPLETE title of the work, participating authors, assignments and abstract in separate paragraphs as follows (check the example at the end):

TITLE. It should describe the content of the work as well as possible and should not include abbreviations. The title must be less than 25 words.
AUTHORS. Write the name of the authors according to their participation in the work in a conventional way with the structure: Surname and first name of the main author, followed by the surname and name of the co-authors. The name of the person who will present the work must be in CAPITAL LETTERS. If the authors belong to different institutions or departments, please indicate them with numbers in parentheses (See example). Academic degrees are not allowed (Dr., Ing., Etc.)
INSTITUTIONS. List the participating institutions according to their order of importance at work. Include the name of the laboratory and / or department as appropriate, the name of the institution, the state and country of location.
CONTACT EMAIL. Preferably of the author who will present the work.
Abstract of the work: The text of the abstract (without counting title, authors or ascription) must be adjusted to 300 words without symbols or italics. The spelling and grammar of the text will be the responsibility of the authors of the work. The summary will have to be structured in the following sections:
OBJECTIVES and / or HYPOTHESIS (as applicable)

Content example:
Audit of a level 2 biosafety laboratory for state care services

LÓPEZ PÉREZ ALEJANDRO (1), Rodríguez Ramírez Alejandra (2), Vázquez Solis Juan (2).

1 Regional Clinical Laboratory, General Hospital of Zone X, Mexican Institute of Social Security, Guadalajara, Jalisco. 2 Department of Health, School of Biological Sciences, University of XXXX, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Objectives: To meet the needs of …

Methods: Based on current regulations, the design was carried out according to .. etc.

Results: We find…

Conclusions: In this work …

Only summaries prepared with the characteristics specified in these instructions may be evaluated. Projects or implementation plans will not be accepted. Papers must contain results in order to be accepted.



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