Biosecurity workshop 2019

The Mexican Biosafety Association (AMEXBIO) has received the invitation to postulate candidates for the BIOSECURITY WORKSHOP “Engaging Young Scientists from the Global South in Biosecurity Diplomacy” Geneva, 3-4 August 2019. 

Due to the relevance of the event, AMEXBIO will help the postulations of two AMEXBIO members interested in participate in the workshop. Interested AMEXBIO members on receive one of these postulation letters to strengthen its application has request it before June 7th, 2019.

The workshop is open to those who:

  1. have an advanced degree in the life sciences or a related discipline from a recognized university or institution;
  2. have been working in the life sciences (academia, research, or industry) for at least five years;
  3. are active scientists under the age of 40; and
  4. have a strong command of written and spoken English, as the workshop will be fully conducted in English.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. The selection process will be guided by the need to ensure the highest quality of participants while maintaining a gender and regional balance.

Requests for the postulation letters will be received on the link:


  1. Motivations letter, including benefits obtained of this training (1 page, PDF, official letter head).
  2. Curriculum resume (1 page, PDF)
  3. Being and active AMEXBIO member.

Complete call it is available at:

Once selected members receive its postulation letter, applicants HAVE to send their complete application to UNODA. Further comments or requests please, send an email to:



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